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Dr. Carol P. Vaccariello, LPC

I offer guidance as a companion soul, eager to make the journey full of richness and wonder.

      My soul is very old ...... and full of newness.

Education: Doctor of Ministry, M. Div., MBA, MSE, BA, has prepared me intellectually and 30+years of working with folks very much like you has developed my ability to be deeply present spiritually and emotionally.

For Spiritual Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction Contact me to arrange a time to meet in person or by phone

Location: Medina, Ohio.

Other locations:

Information on bringing a workshop to your area is available on request.

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Call: 330-242-3811

Email: [email protected]

•Hold affiliation and ministerial standing with:

        United Church of Christ

        Independent Catholic Church

        Creation Spirituality Tradition

•Inter spiritual experience and leadership:

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         Blessing of Animals

         Circle Dances

         Composer of "DANCECHANTS"

         Cosmic Ritual Productions

         Drumming Circle

         Earth Honoring Rituals

         Funerals and Memorials

         House Blessings

         Labyrinth Facilitator

         Medicine Wheel (Prayer Wheel) Gatherings

         Muscle Strength/Range of Motion Classes

         Native American Drum Builder

         Prayer with the Dying and Loved Ones

         Retreat Leader for Clergy, Spiritual Leaders and Laity

         Rite of Passage Rituals

         Sacred Unions

         The Cosmic Mass - Produce and Direct

         Tibetan Buddhist Monks

         Weddings and Anniversaries

         Yoga Stretch and Stress Relief Classes

•Provide consulting for spiritual organizations

•Lecture and present workshops:

            General and Regional Assemblies

            other speaking venues 

•Advise students seeking post graduate degrees

•Consult on Academic Papers including Theses and Dissertations


Client Comments:

A. Thomas Bundy, MD writes...

“What I find most impressive

is Carol’s skilled use and her ability to combine hypnosis, dream work and psychotherapeutic skills. In just one session, her deep intuition and gift for listening combined with her processing skills enabled me to uncover deep awareness and make new choices.” 


Lynne Zickerman, D. Min. writes...

“Carol is a visionary mentor.

She is empathic, present and honest in responding to my inquiries.

She provides comfort, healing and challenge in her informed conversations with me,

which hold me in good stead as I expand in the world.”


Pamela Ladd, Doctoral Student, abd writes...

“Carol Vaccariello embodies

integrative soul-infused Spiritual Coaching.

Her focused style is supportive and employs appropriate intuitive responses. She uses her acute listening skills to gently and masterfully encourage the blossoming of insight and illumination.

My personal experiences with Carol have always included humor and a productive creative treasure hunt for the gold of the soul.”         


Richard B. Johnson, Body and Soul Worker writes...

"Carol can help you.

No matter what your history, she knows that you have the diamond core which plods towards its destined unfolding.

She takes you as you are without comment and awakens in you the at-first tiny connections which expand, as you get the knack of it, into your life of the higher self.

Carol minuets with several disciplines which, through invoking of and affiliating with needed energies, are all cousins to each other.

She helped me by means of the two-chair protocol to elevate empathy over addiction-driven judgmentalism.

One time she came to my place on a hunch and in my absence in time to call the fire department to douse a fire that could have been disastrous."


Theresa Gleason, Psychotherapist, Organic Farmer, D. Min. writes..

Carol has great insight as a spiritual director. She has an extensive tool kit, including expertise and ability to use dream work, fluency in the language and understanding of many spiritual traditions, compassion and humor. I have benefited greatly from her fearless use of intuition.


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