Wedding Planning and Celebrations:

Getting married and want your wedding to be uniquely you?

Zap me a note and let's talk about your perfect wedding. [email protected]

I am an Interfaith/Interspiritual, Open and Affirming Minister.

Holy Union Planning and Celebrations:

Time to bless your Union and looking for some one to help you plan and celebrate your love. Contact me.

[email protected]

I am an Interfaith/Interspiritual, Open and Affirming Minister.

End of Life Ministries:

Don't know what to do or how to comfort a loved one who is ill or dying? Contact me. I can help.

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I am an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister.

The Tools for the Journey

Art as Meditation:

Meet your inner artist and discover the possibility of deep inner healing through soul expression using the arts. Create mandalas, mantras, poetry, paint, photos..

Dream Work:

Visit your inner landscape and learn from the symbols that come to you in your dreams and/or visions. Dreams speak to you from deep in your unconscious and you can learn to shape your waking life from the learning you find in the DreamTime.

Drum Building:

Creating a drum is a deep spiritual practice. You will get in sync with the Universal Heartbeat by creating a single sided hoop drum in a prayerful atmosphere. Press Link for more information.

Full Moon Meditation:

Drumming/Chanting Celebration to honor the Grandmother, the spiritual feminine energy.

Guided Meditation:

As you are held in Divine Light, Sacred texts are read to carry you into meditation.


When the conscious mind is resting, the unconscious is more available and open to suggestion and imagery. During Hypnosis you remain alert and in control at all times. It is your choice to open yourself to suggestions for new behaviors or to visit events from a past life or memory that impacts you now.

Mask Making:

a Soul Mask is a journey beyond the mask of daily presence to your soul place of Spirit presence. It is the meeting place with your Ancestors and the archetypal energies that are all part of your lineage.

Press Link for more information

Medicine Wheel:

Using this Transformational Wheel of Life you learn to listen to the teaching of the Stone People who hold many lessons from Creator.

Meet Your Spirit Guide:

Journey to the place of spirit to meet your Guide(s).

Mentor for Sacred Writing:

Writing coach for academic papers and projects including

Dissertations and Theses

“Carol Vaccariello embodies

integrative soul-infused Spiritual Coaching.

Her focused style is supportive and employs appropriate intuitive responses. She uses her acute listening skills to gently and masterfully encourage the blossoming of insight and illumination.

My personal experiences with Carol have always included humor and a productive creative treasure hunt for the gold of the soul.” Pamela Ladd , Doctoral Student abd

...a half hour west of Concord, New Hampshire...

offers a place of retreat and rejuvenation for those who have chosen to help others navigate these times of social and economic turbulence—a place to heal the healers and reactivate the activists so they might serve others better. We invite healers, activists, ministers, social workers, therapists, doctors, nurses and educators to relax at a creative and inspiring place on the shores of Peace Lake, nestled in the beautiful New Hampshire woods.

Carol is one of the Spiritual Directors leading seminars, workshops and private sessions at Peace Lake. 

Prayer Style and Personality Type:
Discover your Personality Type and the Prayer Styles that work best for you.

Retreat - Directed

Through discussion of your goals and needs, a reflective time of creative process in stillness and inner activity is designed to meet your specific needs.

Ritual Artist:

Are you in need of a Ritual specific to your unique situation?

I am a ritual maker and create Rituals for all occasions: Weddings, Holy Unions. Memorials, Cosmic Gatherings...and much more

“Carol is a visionary mentor. She is empathic, present and honest in responding to my inquiries. She provides comfort, healing and challenge in her informed conversations with me, which hold me in good stead as I expand in the world.”

..Lynne Zickerman D. Min.

Shamanic Journey:

Ride on the heartbeat of the Sacred Drum into Spirit World. Meet your inner Healer and other spirit helpers.

Spiritual Life Coach:

Discover the strength and courage to do and be what you vision. 

TaizÉ Prayer Services /Contemplative Rituals

These are prayer opportunities for the inner being: the place of deep silence and divine communion. So much of where we live is immersed in noise pollution and spiritual clutter. This is an opportunity to visit the quiet, be nurtured by sound and vibration that allow and encourage deep soul healing.